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President and Founder


Rugel F. Chiriboga leads an international team of architects, designers, and multi-discilinary partners in creating remarkable environments across the globe specializing in urban, commercial architecture, and infrastructural projects. A registered Architect, Mr. Chiriboga holds reciprocity with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards and has over two decades of experience designing award-winning projects. His design work has earned recognition from industry organizations such as the American Institute of Architects and NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association. He is passionate about creating architecture that inspires and urban environments that allow our global communities to thrive.


Mr. Chiriboga works closely with our clients towards realizing unique and creative design solutions to their challenges that enrich the user experience, and that bring value to their communities and to our clients. He brings leadership experience in design, technology, and management in architectural design processes and development methods including Public Private Partnerships. He has led strategic planning and design on a range of international work with a particular focus on projects that have complex programmatic and technological requirements. These projects include Transit Integrated Development, Master Plan, Commercial multi-use, Hospitality, Retail, Residential, and Convention &  Exhibition facilities.


Mr. Chiriboga places the highest priority on two factors in successfully executing projects of excellence for our clients: First, a Holistic Sustainable Approach with long term considerations for social, environmental, and economic viability towards the betterment of our communities, and second, he places value in Highly Collaborative Creativity. He is dedicated to enhancing project performance and exceeding client expectations by orchestrating the right mix of expertise, creativity, and innovation in pursuit of design excellence.


His design approach is rooted in storytelling and begins by initiating a comprehensive understanding of the project challenges and defined goals in order to then facilitate meaningful dialogue of possibilities between the project team and our clients. The resulting alignment ensures that each project’s unique requirements are met. Inspiration to define the successful story for a project is drawn from opportunities that each unique collaboration has to improve the quality of life for the communities in which the projects reside.


Prior to Co-Founding EQV Consortium, Mr. Chiriboga was a Partner | Director of Design at LITTLE, and a senior designer at  Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.

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